Work Experience

I taught high school for several years (Home Economics, Health and Social Science) and then qualified as an O&M specialist in 1992. Since then I have worked with O&M clients of all ages, in metro and country regions, with a particular interest in:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Children’s O&M
  • Multiple disabilities and vision impairment
  • Functional vision assessment
  • Scooter travel with low vision

Beyond client work, I have also been involved in

  • Developing curriculum and teaching tertiary personnel preparation programs for O&M specialists
  • Delivering continuing education for O&M specialists
  • Developing an O&M code of ethics and standards of exemplary practice for OMAA
  • Developing O&M outcome measures: VROOM (vision-related outcomes in O&M) and OMO (O&M outcomes)
  • O&M research design, particularly qualitative research and mixed methods analysis

Along the way I have worked as a medical receptionist, coordinated an after school child care program, and taught adult literacy and numeracy to individual students and to classes.