Stuart Tactile Maps (STM) Test


Hand-over-hand guided exposure to Map A1 in the Stuart Tactile Maps test

The Stuart Tactile Maps (STM) test is a standardised clinical test of non-visual spatial cognition, developed by Dr Ian Stuart, Neuropsychologist. The test is completed under blindfold and indicates the participant’s ability to learn and build mental maps of increasing complexity.

The STM test was originally validated for use with congenitally blind children. It has since been used during neuropsychology assessment of children and adults, particularly when an O&M client has persistent difficulty with orientation in familiar and new areas. The test was used most recently in bionic eye research in Melbourne, Australia.

downloadDr Stuart has made the test freely available. Instructions for producing the test materials, then administering and scoring the test are available here. If you would like more information about the STM test, or training in its use, contact Lil.