Welcome to ROaM – that’s Research, Orientation and Mobility with Lil Deverell.

About Lil

I am an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.

My O&M family embraces Australia and New Zealand, with links to Fiji, Malaysia, UK, and the USA. I enjoy meeting many other people at International Mobility Conferences and online.

I am married to Garry; we have two grown up daughters, and family in Tasmania, Sydney, Adelaide, and Cambridge UK. I belong to my local Anglican church. This is my country. These are my people.

My O&M interests are diverse, embracing client work with infinitely interesting people; multiple disabilities; functional vision and visual efficiency training; spatial cognition and alternatives to mental mapping; relationships between mental health and mobility; safety neurosis; functional outcome measures for use in O&M practice; professional standards, professional training pathways and international O&M certification; and any research that helps us to do our job better.

Read on to learn more about my potted education and work history, and professional networks.