VROOM and OMO Tools

These functional assessment tools are designed for use during ordinary O&M assessment to streamline and enhance O&M practice.  They are constructivist measures, designed to be used together, and co-rated in a conversation with the client and any other relevant stakeholders. This approach to personal outcome measurement produces stronger data than unsubstantiated objective or subjective measures.

Download VROOM and OMO with instructions – PDF

Download VROOM and OMO with instructions – WORD

The VROOM (vision-related outcomes in O&M) tool is used to rate functional vision between 1-50. Zero represents no light perception, and 50 represents full vision.

The OMO (O&M outcomes) tool is used to rate functional mobility between 1-50. Zero represents housebound and inert; 50 represents elite travel skills and a ‘can do’ attitude to mobility that connects the traveller into the wider community, both geographically and socially.

These measures both use ordinal scales with clearly defined performance indicators so that scoring is precise, context-specific and transparent. The resulting measurement data can be used to profile O&M clients, O&M cohorts, functional performance in different travel conditions (e.g., day and night), and change pre-post intervention (medical intervention or O&M training).

The VROOM and OMO tools are designed to be used with anyone of any age or abilities – you can test them out on yourself! They have been validated in a study with guide dog handlers (N=51) and are now being trialled internationally by O&M service providers with clients of all ages and abilities.

You are welcome to try using these measures in the context of everyday O&M practice and you can learn more about the tools through the RO&Ming with Lil podcast.
If you would like to participate in further formal validation studies, contact Lil.