ROaM Services

Through Research, Orientation and Mobility (ROaM) Services, I offer a range of O&M-related options including consultancy; research design and ethics applications; curriculum development; teaching and assessment; and professional development.

Teaching Trainee O&M Specialists

I develop and teach curriculum for O&M personnel preparation programs, cross referencing curriculum with the COMS body of knowledge required for international certification of O&M specialists (see COMS Handbook). I have been working most recently with trainee O&M specialists in Queensland and New Zealand.

I am learning to work with blended teaching and assessment methods, including live workshops, video delivery, Zoom and email engagement.

O&M professional training pathways in Australia are fragile. I work on behalf of the OMAA to shore up resources and relationships across the sector. We are aiming for a sustainable long-term tertiary education solution that will produce COMS-ready graduates and Registered O&M Specialists in Australasia.

Professional development

I offer professional development for O&M specialists and guide dog mobility instructors including:

  • Workshops/seminars in the use of the VROOM and OMO functional assessment tools
  • Workshops/seminars in the use of the Stuart Tactile Maps to test spatial cognition
  • A podcast called RO&Ming with Lil


  • Collaboration in the development of new functional outcome measures
  • Training in O&M-related research design, and development of ethics applications
  • Consultancy around recruitment, training, standards and certification of O&M personnel
  • Mentoring O&M professionals